My Vote Matters Because There Are 140 Million Exactly Like It!


If you’re an American fed up with the non-sense radiating from Washington D.C. then please listen.

First, let me say.

You’re not alone. You are not alone >

In fact, you are in a super majority of American people who either never joined a political party, joined then quit, or are registered to vote under a party label and now say, “my party no longer speaks for me”. Sound familiar? You may even be one of the tens of millions of Americans who choose not to Vote.

Nearly everyone agrees that Congress is nonresponsive. Whether by design or happenstance, political leadership seems content to be stuck in the 20th Century. It’s like they think we’re not watching and we don’t see everything that’s really going on.

I believe that there’s a way for Us to make Congress more responsive without changing the system.

Currently, major party leadership in Congress controls the agenda and the narrative to benefit private and political interests over the will of the people. Just two people have the final word and dictate the Congressional calendar. Most Congress People are helpless to do anything other than comply and side with the party that sent them to Congress. That’s what most of them do, with occasional actions and regular fist shaking.

The difference between recent Congressional membership and membership in past Congresses is the absence of Moderate Republican and Democratic members. Once numbering hundreds, there are now just a handful.

There are Americans right this minute who want to Run for Congress and humbly serve our interests as part of a Moderate red and blue caucus who can influence and possibly control the agenda over party leadership and who will moderate discussions that focus on policies that promote equality of opportunity and economic certainty.

They’re discouraged by the fact that less than 10% of American Voters turnout at Primary elections. Partisan voters who nominate the most partisan candidates. When the rest of us show up in November, most elections are already decided and we send the most partisan candidates to Congress. We lose.

Winning numbers are on our side. 235 Million Americans are eligible to vote. If the normal 65% turnout of General elections occurred at Primaries, we win. That’s it.

Americans who want to Run for Congress need to know whether more of Us than usual will turnout and Vote in the 2022 Primary elections. In turn, we need to know whether they are likely to represent Us.

Let’s listen to them and share what we learn.

Affordable Priorities

Let’s nominate red and blue candidates from the Primaries who are most likely to represent the “affordable priorities” of most Americans. Championing American values on a Budget! What a novel concept.

Let’s do this in 2022 and see how it works. There only seems to be an upside for We The People.

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